SGRC Championship Show 22 August 2010
Critiques by Robyn Brown (Aust)

Thank you for the opportunity to officiate at your show. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to go over your lovely Goldens. Often the top placings were decided on a minor point. I did note overall there were a lot of straighter fronts and that I would like to have seen more angulation in upper arm. I also found a variety of heads and sadly some were lacking the chiselling and beautiful eye that brings about a Golden’s kindly expression.

I want to congratulate your exhibitors on their friendliness, supporting and clapping no matter who won. I would have liked to have met more of you after the show.

Minor Puppy Dog

1. Hawkwood Fraxinus AI.  Gold youngster with pleasing head and eye expression. Balanced throughout which produced correct movement. Loved watching him stride around the ring. In the end he took it to the big fellows and I was confident to award him RCC. I wish him all the best for a promising future.

2. Arangold High Fidelity.  Longer cast boy with a different eye and expression to winner.

Arangolds Pop The Cork.  Found this boy to be straighter in front assembly.

Hawkwood Sorbus AI.  Needs some time to tighten.

Puppy Dog

1. Speyside Tour De Force. Needs time to mature in body and head.

Junior Dog

1Riverstone Hot Todde. This fellow was evenly balanced throughout, pleasing head.

Riverstone Dawn Of A Dream.  He has a stronger head and shorter body.

Shannongold A Moment In Time.  Nice type, finer framed than those above.

Intermediate Dog

1. Hunters Moon Of Kaikouras. Smaller happy gold boy, level mover with good feet.

Limit Dog - Nice class of mixed type.

1. The Times Of Inniscroft.    Balanced dog, level topline, especially on the move. Pleasant head into good reach of neck. Son of my BIS.

Arangolds Bon Chance.  Head of a different type, good body.

3. Craigdhu Action-Man.  Rangy type, would prefer better front assembly.

4. Hawkwood Thor AI.  Lovely head, again would prefer a better front.

New Zealand Bred Dog

Ch Banbury Court Jester QC. Liked his type, level topline.

Stud Dog

1. Ch Hawkwood Pandemonium. Gold boy with pleasant head and eye. Balanced front & aft, kept his topline on the move.

2. Riverstone I'm A Thrill Seeker At Arangold. Lovely head, good topline, well bent stifle, front not what I would prefer.

Winterlea Lord O The Manor. Taller dog, didn’t have the front angles I was looking for.

Veteran Dog

1. NZ Ch Giltedge Stormthetasman (Imp Aust). This blonde dog took my eye as he entered the ring. Lovely type, nothing extreme, a well made dog, correct outline and level topline. Pleasing head and dark eye. Moved like a dream with reach and drive. Very nicely presented and handled. A pleasure to award him the CC and later BIS.

2. Ch Trinnetee The Entertainer CDX QC. Smaller made balanced dog who moved well. Similar to the winner in type and pushed hard for top honours.

3. NZ CH Aurelan Glyn Averill Imp Aust. A taller, heavier but balanced boy.

Open Dog

1. Ch Inniscroft Diamonds ‘R’ Trumps. Good size blonde boy, pleasing head and kindly expression. Held himself well and moved soundly. Balanced front & back.

2. Ch Tammara The Band Played On. Smaller dog than winner. Head not as chiselled and would have preferred a better eye shape.

3. Chalbrook Golden Nutmeg. Balanced upstanding boy, didn’t move well today.

4. Ch Winterlea Mac's Gold QC. Found his front assembly a little straighter than the winners.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Strathaird Serendipity At Inniscoft. Well made cream girl, pleasing dark eye, good on the move.

2. Arangold Certain Of The Times. Promising youngster, balanced with good coat. A bit roly on the move today.

Glentreve Don't Think Twice At Triples. Nice head, good eye. Straighter front assembly.

Brocade Lady Estelle. A little unbalanced today.

Puppy Bitch

1. Goldriver Summer Holiday. Pretty young lady, longer cast through the body which should balance with growth.

Junior Bitch - Another nice class.

1. Riverstone Bold N Beautiful. Cream girl who moved soundly, pleasant head and expression, held herself well. Winner of this strong class.

2. Ch Kavandale Just Like That AI. Balanced gold girl, sadly lacked a bit of spark today but still pushed the winner.

Kavandale Angeleyes AI. Also a nice girl, bigger in substance then other two.

4. Craigdhu Aneka Made Magic. I would have liked more stifle on this gold girl.

Intermediate Bitch

1.  Arangolds National Velvet. Well balanced cream girl, not overdone in any way. Pleasing head, good stop, moved well.

Limit Bitch

1. Shannongold Living The Dream. This gold girl was balanced thoughout, head, body & moved well.

2. Goldbrook A Matter Of Pride ADX CDX. Longer cast through the body than above.

Tammara Made In Heaven At Glynmuir. Pleasing gold girl, sadly the lighter eye distracted.

Rosemist Bella Of The Ball. Pretty girl with a bit of length through the body, seemed a bit nervous today.

New Zealand Bred Bitch

1.  Ch Arangold Jazzmania. Balanced head. Lots of angles back & front, another in good coat. Level topline. Moved soundly.

2. Ch Lady Kaatje Of Riverstone. Balanced girl thoughout, pleasing eye. Fell away to the croup.

Springlands Tussock. Didn’t have the front of the other two, also cut away in muzzle which distracted.

4. Blairsgold Elphame Fae Queen. Taller girl who didn’t move well today.

Brood Bitch

1. Ch Arangold The Cabaret. Lovely type, a balanced cream girl who had a pleasing head. She was good in front and hindquarters. Good feet. Level topline which she held on the move.

2. Ch Speyside River Dance. Pleasing outline, this gold girl pushed the winner, although in the end her straighter front denied the win.

3. Ch Glenaic My Choice. Pretty girl, a tad overweight today.

Veteran Bitch

1. Ch Arangold Christmas Belle. Another blonde girl with pleasing head and kindly expression. Balanced throughout with good front & back assemblies. Level topline. Moved soundly, and handled well. RCC

2. Ch Winterlea Krystal Dawn. I really liked everything about this girl but today couldn’t get a level topline from her.

3. Ch Arangold Turn-Back-Time. Smart gold girl, put down today on front assembly.

4. Brocade Lady Cleopatra. Topline and front not as good as others.

Open Bitch

1. Ch Inniscroft Sky With Diamonds. This gold girl ended up the CC winner and RUIS. She is balanced throughout, showing correct angles. Plenty of substance, not overdone, good spring of rib. Pleasing head with dark eye. Moved well with drive, nice coat and well handled.

2. Winterlea Lady Luck. Didn’t extend on the move due to her straighter front, also showing me a gay tail today. Still a nice type.

Hawkwood Freya AI. Another girl of correct type, a pretty girl whose topline was not the best today.

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