SGRC Championship Show 13 November 2009
Critiques by Gillian Wicklow (UK)

As we had a few days before the Show, we toured parts of New Zealand and were very taken by what we saw. We were heading for the accommodation arranged by the club, following the satnav, and turned onto Hoskyns Road, Well, we should have known better, we thought it can’t be far. The satnav said travel for 6.6 km! It was in a straight line, but however many roads are not as we spent a lot of time going round hairpin bends. That’s the pleasure of New Zealand.

Thank you to the Committee for their hospitality, especially Miriam who was a wonderful hostess and saw to our every need. Also thank you to Margaret and Ray, Margaret, David and family for the lovely meals and hospitality. Thanks to the exhibitors for a day neither of us will ever forget and thank you for being there and surviving the weather. It as atrocious. The temperature was freezing when that front came in from Antarctica. Never mind the outfit for judging and my hair-do. It was survival. I ended up in a hat pulled down as tight as possible, dear knows how many coats under a waterproof finishing layer. I gave up with my gloves. Borrowed socks and gumboots completed my outfit. Never before was I so grateful for a pair of borrowed socks and gumboots and the loan of possum gloves ( a pair of which I am now the proud owner!)

The quality of the entry was in general very good, but perhaps heads, upper-arm and tail-sets could do with improvement. I was delighted with my BIS and the Reserve. Both came from the same kennel. Also their progeny winning many classes. Well done New Zealand and thank you.

You have a beautiful country and I wish I could have stayed longer. But please, never again am I judging on any Friday 13th. I think there may be some truth in that saying.

Minor Puppy Dog

1.  A Van Den Bos’ Sanastasia Zippity Zap. Stood alone. 7 month old dog. Would benefit greatly from ringcraft and perhaps could see show potential. Rather erratic on the move,

Puppy Dog

1.   RJ & NS Queree’s Riverstone Hot Todde. Very pleasing 11 month old dog. Plenty of bone and substance. Would benefit with further trimming over shoulders. Conformation good, moved soundly.

2.   D Richards’ Riverstone Gaelic Charmer. Similar to 1. Again good conformation, straight front and level top-line Just needs to drop into his stifles. Moved soundly.

Junior Dog

1.   A Blairs Hunters Moon Of Kaikouras. Young dark junior dog. Attractive head, good pigment, needs more ringcraft; would benefit him to settle in the ring.

Intermediate Dog

1.   I Hamilton’s Moorfield Xpectations. Rather nice dark dog. Won this class with ease. Attractive head, good shoulders, level top-line, well bent stifles. Would prefer width of quarters. Moved happily.

2.   L Ridgen’s Lorgair Ace Of Diamonds. Sweet boy. Would prefer a better bite, level top-line When moving rather proud of his tail.

Limit Dog

1.    M Hean’s The Times Of Inniscroft. What a lovely dog. Very attractive head, good neck. Would benefit with a little more upper-arm Good level top-line, good strength of quarters, good straight hocks, moved with drive.

2.    B Stockdale’s Banbury Call Of The Wild. Attractive head. Would benefit with more trimming over shoulders. Level top-line Could have done with a little more strength in hind quarters. Moved well round the ring.

New Zealand Bred Dog

1.    SJ Abrey’s Ch Trinnetee The Entertainer CDX QC. Compact 7 yo boy with good construction. Lovely neck, shoulder and upper-arm Level top-line, good quarters, straight hocks. Moved freely round the ring. RCC

2.   K Price’s Ch Glentreve Putting The Wind Up Goldsmith. Attractive dog with good reach of neck, good shoulders, moved well. Benefits greatly from being shown freely.

Stud Dog

1.   G Gill’s Ch Stanroph Super Scott. What a lovely 9 yo with a mind of his own – haven’t they all!. Very attractive head, best layback of shoulder today, good upper-arm Level top-line, good bend of stifle, good tail-set Moved soundly at his pace.

2.   R Hean-Coombes’  Arangolds Irish Heritage. Another attractive 3 yo dog with beautiful head, good dark pigment. Lovely gentle head, good front angulation, level top-line Just needs work on stacking.

Veteran Dog

1.   M Hean’s NZ Ch Giltedge Stormthetasman (Imp Aust). Attractive pale boy with very good conformation. Well balanced. Won this class on movement. Could do with a little more furnishings. BV

2.   S Milne & J Wilson’s Shannongold Claim To Fame ADX CDX. Another attractive mid-gold dog. Well balanced with level top-line, well set on tail, straight hocks. Very tight up to 1.

Open Dog

1.   M Hean & M Kerr’s Ch Inniscroft Diamonds ‘R’ Trumps. Very attractive 4 yo pale boy with excellent construction. Caught my eye as soon as he came into the ring. Moved with superb drive. DCC & BIS

2.   G Gill’s Ch Hawkwood Pandemonium. Another attractive 5 yo boy with lovely head, and good construction. Would just prefer a little better tail-set Moved well.

Baby Puppy Bitch

1.   M & D Hean’s  Arangold Lady Madonna. Just coming up 4 months. So well behaved for her age. Well constructed, moved very well around the ring for one so young. Shows potential.

2.   G Gill’s Hawkwood Autumn Leaf. A lively young baby giving her handler a hard time. Well constructed, moved well, shows potential.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1.   JE Allnutt’s Graigdhu Aneka Made Magic. A very attractive head with good pigment. Well balanced, good shoulder, would prefer a little more upper-arm Level top-line, good straight hocks, moved happily.

Puppy Bitch

1.   B Kramer’s Riverstone Bold N Beautiful. What a beautiful puppy bitch. Lovely head with good pigment, good conformation. Moved soundly. Caught my eye and won the class easily. BPIS

2.   S Milne’s Shannongold Living The Dream. Nice little bitch with sweet head, good conformation. Gave her handler a hard time. Will benefit when settled in the ring.

Junior Bitch

1.    M Hean & R Hean-Coombes Arangolds National Velvet. Very nice quality bitch. Excellent conformation. Moved with drive. Again won class easily. BJ

2.   K Jackson & G Taylor’s Tammara Maid In Heaven at Glynmuir. Attractive bitch with good front, level top-line, good tail-set Would benefit from more ringcraft.

Intermediate Bitch

1.  C Blair’s Blairsgold Elphame Fae Queen. Quality Bitch. Very balanced. Moved well. Shown to advantage when free.

2.  E Bremner’s Arangolds Gaelic Belle. Pale bitch, attractive head, good straight front, level top-line, well bent stifles, straight hocks, moved soundly.

Limit Bitch

1.  J Wilson’s Goldbrook A Matter Of Pride CDX(Silver) ADX. Lovely quality bitch, caught my eye and won the class easily. Good lay of shoulder, straight front, level top-line, well angulated quarters. Moved soundly.

2.  K Parnell’s Springlands Tussock. Sweet little dark bitch with very attractive head and dark pigment. Straight front, level top-line, good tail-set and straight hocks.

New Zealand Bred Bitch

1.  M & DR Hean’s Ch Arangold Jazzmania. Cracking dark bitch. Well laid shoulders and good upper-arm, Level top-line, good strong quarters with straight hocks. Moved soundly.

2.  P Gordon’s Kavandale Angel Eyes (AI). Elegant pale bitch, good reach of neck, good layback of shoulders, good straight front, level top-line, good tail-set Close up to 1.

Brood Bitch

1.  J Allnutt's Ch Speyside River Dance. Attractive head, good neck and shoulders, but needs trimming over shoulders. Very elegant, good top-line Shows best when free.

2.  B Kramer’s Ch Winterlea Krystal Dawn. Balanced mid gold bitch. Straight front, level top-line Moved freely with drive.

Veteran Bitch

1.  R Hean-Coombes & M Hean’s Ch Arangolds Prima Vesta. Quality 11 yo veteran bitch. Balanced throughout. Showed happily and moved very soundly.

2.  S Saussey’s Ch Glentreve Fire-Of-The-Dawn. Sweet head, straight front, level top-line, moved well.

Open Bitch

Hard class to win. Very very close between 1 and 2.

1.  M Kerr & M Hean’s Ch Inniscroft Sky With Diamonds. Sweet head, superb front angulation, level top-line with excellent tail-set Straight hocks. A lovely picture. BCC & RBIS

2.  L Drummond’s Sandlewood Into-The-Mystic. When free stood this bitch looks entirely different. She is well balanced and with good conformation. Lovely head and moved well.

 Gillian Wicklow

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